NetBIOS Specification

4. Example Programs

Sorry, this part of the specification has not yet been completed. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me.

Two example programs (in C) from 3COM are available:

Danny Heijl has provided the following Pascal program, which returns the MAC address of the adapter. It has a useful file NB.PAS, which defines many of the constants.

Note about CNB: I have been notified about an error in CNB. On executing a NetBIOS call the return code is placed in AL. The code as supplied returns AX (not AL) in the function nbexec. This results in successful calls returning a non-zero value due to the value of AH. The code should be changed to

return ( & 0xFF);.

I have not modified the original source as I did not write it and I'd prefer to leave it as supplied.

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